Stefan Borzęcki

The catalogue of Stefan Borzęcki contains 63 reproductions of the works presented at the exhibition organized by the AG Gallery. The exhibition lasted from 1 June to 31 July 2019, in the seat of the gallery at 19 Józefa Street. The presented works come from the last period of professor Borzęcki's work, from 1997 to 2011.


Henryk Wójcik

"It is worth noting that in Wójcik's painting, two conventions are importantly distinguishable: one, closer to abstractionism, metaphorical, resulting from an intellectual approach to the subject, and the other, close to postimpressionism, which came into being through direct contact with nature. Simplyfying the problem, one would say of halftones created in the studio and in the open air. At the base of the former, I dare say, is an intellectual and philosophical analysis, leading to a painterly metaphor, at the base of the latter - a dazzle with colour, shape, the mystery of nature." - A fragment of Jerzy Skrobot's essay.

Hardback catalogue published by Galeria AG in 2005. It contains the biography of the artist, the text "Henryk Wójcika muzyka kolorów"("Henryk Wójk's music of colours") by Jerzy Skrobot and 95 reproductions of the artist's paintings.

Number of pages: 127.

On the cover of the catalogue is the painting "Passion", oil on canvas, 82x57cm